Premium inflatable planetarium domes

Emerald-inflatable-Deluxe™ dome models include the exclusive

Integrated Secondary Dome Cover ('double skinned dome') 

for extra darkness inside the dome.


Emerald domes are made according to premium standards,

designed to be durable and serve our customers for many years

Emerald inflatable Deluxe™ domes

EMERALD™ mobile planetariums are designed with emphasis on fast installation, portability and ease of use. We offer the highest cost to value and quality available. This durable structure is a perfect fit for remote areas, small classrooms, science fairs and planetarium operators who have portability in mind.

EMERALD™ inflatable domes are made out of our durable Micro Elements fabric (M.E.F), offer an optimal digital fulldome projection surface and allow smooth & high contrast images.

Emerald portable domes include the exclusive integrated secondary dome cover.

The structure includes an integrated horizontal support ring (spring-line), which gives a higher horizon height. Our domes are also 'Wheelchair friendly'.

The spring line allows for walk-ins, chair seating and added stability in busy open environments.

This portable planetarium dome can be used in public spaces such as malls, lobbies and common areas. EMERALD™ portable domes are available in sizes 4 to 10 meters (12-33 feet) in diameter. Larger domes (up to 15M) can be ordered upon special request. The dome structure is inflated with constant air pressure using a dedicated fan.


Ring Deluxe model, includes an integrated horizontal spring line which gives a higher horizon height. This is a crucial feature for projecting any digital content - as the horizon/projected image is kept above eye level of the participants

Premium-Flate™ Technology

The Emerald Planetarium dome stays inflated even when people are entering or exiting the dome - no supporting poles/infrastructure is needed

Screen optimal for digital projection

Emerald™ inflatable domes are optimized for digital planetarium projection, using Emerald™'s 'Micro-Elements-Fabric' [M.E.F]. Our M.E.F screen is a unique Ultra-high-performance dome screen that increases the projected image contrast while minimizing internal reflections.

It is far superior than any other screen available on the market, dedicated for portable digital full-dome projection

Double skinned dome

Our portable domes include the exclusive integrated Secondary Dome Cover for extra darkness inside the dome.

The fabric is made out of two layers: the external color is Black/Blue, while the internal projection surface is matte gray, for optimal digital projection and image contrast

Wheelchair friendly

Allows for Wheelchair walk-ins & chair seating. Engineered for extra stability for rigid and easy long-term operation

Feel Secure

With Emerald's Global Three Year Limited Warranty, Robust design and high-end materials - you can explore the cosmos with peace of mind


4M Dome


5M Dome


7M Dome



EMERALD™ portable domes available in sizes from 4 to 10 meters (12-33 feet) in diameter. Contact us for further information.

* Dome prices don't include a digital fulldome projection system

*Optional: High power Air fan, with a 3X speed controller, quite operation. For 220V OR 110V power source. Including Fan transit hard case, with integrated wheels. Price: $360


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