Negative-pressure professional domes


Super lightweight 360-degree immersive projection screens

The Emerald™ Fabric-LITE-Domes are the perfect solution for schools, science centers, immerse gaming products and fulldome production studios. The Emerald™'s LITE domes are Lightweight yet durable Hemispherical 360-degree Fabric domes. Using the EMERALD™'s 'micro-elements-fabric IV' you will have an amazing fulldome environment in a snap!


EMERALD™ Fabric-LITE-planetarium domes designed for professional, fulldome production & gaming dome setups with an emphasis on fast installation and ease of use.

The Fabric-LITE-dome screen size is 3M-12M in diameter (larger domes available upon special order). Optimized for digital projection using the EMERALD™'s 'Micro-ElementsIV-Fabric'.


The Fabric-LITE negative pressure dome made out of super light materials so it can be hanged from virtually any surface and at any angle (depending on the model).

Using Emerald™ Fulldome 360-degree Projection Systems you will enjoy a perfect balance between size, cost effectiveness and fulldome image quality.

This is a perfect solution for demanding fulldome content making, post-productions and professional planetariums.

Fabric-LITE-domes are made out of external "shell" of aluminum/steel poles, external black cover with internal high performance ("flat") projection screen.

They can be hanged from the ceiling or to be used as an integrated unit with an entrance door.

Using the Emerald™ projection systems and domes you will have all it takes for an amazing astronomical immerse environment.

The EMERALD™ fulldome planetarium projection systems - can make the Hemispherical Tilted dome into a 3D 4D and even 5D immerse system! This can also include 3D projection capability with moving and vibrating chairs, wind and even special smells.

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Fabric-LITE negative-pressure Dome operation


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