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Hemispherical planetarium domes installations

Hemispherical planetarium dome installations
EMERALD™'s Fiber glass & perforated planetarium panoramic domes - professional immersive theater solutions.
The unique Emerald™ planetarium dome design enables operators to conduct immersive astronomical & entertainment activities with ease. We offer on-site dome installations and highly customized solutions.
Our fiberglass & perforated domes are very attractive for science centers, immersive gamers and 3D to 5D fulldome immersive simulators.

We provide complete immersive environment solutions.
The premium package includes the Emerald™ dome and the Emerald™ digital fulldome projection system.

The operation is as simple as it gets, with a plug-n-play approach, while using cutting edge technologies.
Available dome sizes: 3 Meters - up to 30 Meters in diameter.
Designed for the needs of educators, school districts, science centers and universities.

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