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Emerald™ planetariums also offers the revolutionary




For the first time the visitors can make new astronomical discoveries inside the planetarium!


Emerald™-FIXED planetarium systems

EMERALD™ FIXED planetarium projection systems are developed specifically for fixed Planetarium domes, Tilted domes and spherical based theaters. Emerald offers Powerful and Professional Laser Phosphor planetarium projection systems.
Aiming for the stars, we strive to allow demanding audiences to experience super bright and crisp images.

Planetarium operators of Emerald systems have the comfort of day-to-day reliability, innovative tools to produce inspiring presentations, and wireless operation from any place within the dome.
Integrated server, software and a handful of planetarium shows are included.


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Designed and built with emphasis on education and entertainment usages, EMERALD™-FIXED systems offer the revolutionary L.O.P.C system. This apparatus, can capture sharp detailed images of the sky, while sending the live deep space data directly into the planetarium dome. 


We offer both central & cove mounted systems up to 50 Million pixels resolution.
These are powerful, affordable, complete planetarium systems. Designed for the needs of educators, school districts, science centers and universities.

EMERALD™-FIXED planetarium Laser projection systems display high-resolution imagery to fit the dome's geometry; presenting bright, colorful & sharp content. The result fills the dome with stunning images for a truly immersive experience.


Super-fast & powerful 

High performance and low power consumption

Ultimate fulldome control with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Includes HD data sets of the Earth, solar system and Deep-Space objects


Awesome Features

Sophisticated software algorithms and an integrated remote console system allow to maintain wireless operation from any place within the dome. 
Using an intuitive and Gesture-Friendly User Interface. 


Projection Elevator? Not necessary!

Immerse yourself, without any obstructions
Ask our representative about our custom-MgF2-optics , unique to Emerald ™



Our 'safe-lock' design gives you the ability to lock access to the system. The entire system will be safe including the optics, computer and projector. This is a crucial feature as it will keep your projection unit safe from the reach of untrained users.

Fast, Innovative & Powerful

Ultimate fulldome control with an intuitive and user friendly interface. Use the built-in shows, or create your own planetarium shows. As easy as operating your smartphone.  Powerful L.O.P.C capabilities (optional)


Feel Secure

With Emerald's Global Warranty, robust design and high-end materials - you can explore the cosmos with peace of mind



Superior edge performance not only creates rounder, more pleasing stars, but actually improves the resolution (& limiting magnitude) compared to projection units of equal initial properties/specs.

Emerald™'s high definition optics create tack sharp images all the way to the outer edge, revealing finer detail and greater contrast.

optics emerald

optics comp

A difference you can see - click for more details

Professional planetarium software



MV² enables to travel within our Solar System AND entire known universe. 

Includes High-Resolution data sets of the Earth, solar system and Deep-Space objects for incredible detail. Use the built-in shows - or create your own planetarium shows.


Multi-disciplinary curriculum support 



 Using MV² you can turn your planetarium into a powerful microscope - zooming into the microbial universe. Explore the cells, DNA, human heart and more in 3D.


asteroid photometry

Export 3D models of celestial bodies 

and print them using a 3D printer



Emerald™ projection planetarium systems offer a full library of shows

(ready for play scripts) from many fields of interest; such as Astronomy, Geology, Scales of the Universe in and more...


Read more about our planetarium software solutions











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