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Ultimate Space Driver show

Feel the rush of excitement when the engine starts, see spacecraft hurtling past, smell the exhaust fumes in the atmosphere, hear the screech of fellow drivers scrambling for their position… are you ready for a new challenge?

Advanced and upgraded tracks, new futuristic locations, lots of thrills, and tons of excitement.

“Ultimate Space Driver” isn’t just a fulldome show. It is designed to fully immerse your visitors and provide a long-lasting, unforgettable experience. Start on a purpose-built track with a variety of high-speed corners, fast sweeps, hairpins, chicanes, and everything in between, all combined to produce an interesting mix of challenges for the driver.

Duration: 7min
Audience: General
Resolution: up to 4K
Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound ( Separate channels available)
Available Formats: Dome Master, H.264 MP4



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