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Spark: The Universe in Us

Spark: From the oxygen we breathe to the uranium that warms our planet’s core, we owe everything to the stars. Find out what you’re made of in the Academy’s newest original planetarium film, narrated by Diego Luna.

The Universe in Us is about our deep connection not just to Earth, but to stars millions of light years away—and billions of years in the past. Start your journey by soaring over a stunning Sierra Nevada waterfall, and then blast off across space and time to discover the celestial origins of the elements we all have in common. Along the way, you’ll enter the core of a giant star just before it implodes, experience the quiet demise of a star like the Sun, and see how colliding stars seed the Universe with the building blocks of life.


Duration: 26 minutes
Producer: Ryan Wyatt – Morrison Planetarium
Audio: Stereo, 5.1
Format: fulldome 2D
Resolution: up to 4K

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