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COSMOS ODYSSEY - Our Quest to Discover the Universe

The History of the Universe and of the Human Effort to Understand It!
The scope of the universe that humankind understands has expanded with the development of astronomy.
Let us explore the latest observation technology in astronomy, which has evolved from the mythological universe of ancient times, Ptolemy's geocentric theory and heliocentric theory, the revolution brought on by the invention of the telescope, spectrum analysis, and modern astronomical observatories.

Shooting the world's leading astronomical facilities!
Three major observatories of the world - Mauna Kea (Hawaii), La Palma (Canary Islands), and Atacama (Chile) - included.


- From Big Bang to the present, 13.8 billion years of Universe
- Ancient Ideas of the Universe
- Geocentric model vs Heliocentric model
- Early Telescopes
- Modern Observatories
- Radio Telescopes
- Space Telescopes
- Special Observatories that do not observe the Light
- Space Exploration

Running time 29 min

Rating General Audiences (for all ages)

Resolution 4K/6K/8K 30fps

Sound 5.1 ch

Language English / Korean / Japanese 


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