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Biology & Environmental sciences inside the planetarium

The digital planetarium environment can be utilized to explore our connected world, where biological systems intersect with humans among other organisms.

Emerald planetariums presenters can incorporate real-time data that present the ways man fits into this progressive story of connection.

Educate audiences about what us humans should do in order to make certain that our cohabitation with nature maintains a sustainable planet. For the sake of future generations and other potential living organisms in our diverse universe.

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Fly beyond boundaries of traditional fulldome content that focuses primarily on astronomy and use the Emerald digital tools to tell unique stories about planet Earth.

You can take your audience on an unforgettable journey through oceans to survey the powerful relationships found in aquatic ecosystems or dive below the forest grounds to perceive how the tallest trees rely on microscopic fungi to survive. Contact Emerald team for further information.



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