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3D printed models for astronomy education

Did you know? You can output 3D files from the MV² Planetarium simulation software. This will enable you to 3D print astronomical datasets for your classroom for use inside or outside of the planetarium. Its also a great aid for making Accessible models for Visually Impaired Students and to Compare 3D printed dodels with tactile graphics

For advanced astronomy research in the planetarium we offer the L.O.P.C system, which enable Emerald's users to take live images of the sky in real time while creating sophisticated models of celestial objects

3d models

 asteroid photometry

vr headset


Students who participate at the Emerald planetariums advanced educational programs are printing 3D models of space objects, based on real hands-on experiments their are conducting via the L.O.P.C system.


Check out a high school student project abstract in the following link:




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