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Emerald planetariums brings its unique brand of craftsmanship to professional planetariums with a full line of projection systems and related products. 

Our mission is to empower educators, scientists and media specialists to utilize the planetarium while building a community and sharing excitement about their field of interest.


Our company provides customers with the finest immersive solutions, following the highest standards and innovative design practices.

All of our systems, whether for cinema or academic, are created with the same attention to detail and functionality.


Emerald planetariums is an industry trendsetter, developing the revolutionary L.O.P.C system. This apparatus, can capture sharp detailed images of the sky, while sending the live deep space data - directly into the planetarium dome.

Its sophistication and economy make this a great example of the value and quality all Emerald systems offer.


The EMERALD™ brand represents a unique combination of technical expertise and astronomy education, lead by the Bareket observatory, with extensive global educational & research experience of 25 years. Contact information.



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