Science On a Dome - science data projection on a globe


Projection spherical screens for interactive geographic & atmospheric teaching


The Emerald™ Digital Planetariums offers the unique Science On a Dome™ system, which enables the projection of images onto a globe and other spherical surfaces. Analogous to a giant animated globe.

Using a single projector, without the need for any supporting infrastructure, calibration or sophisticated tools. This ensures prominent and seamless images, right out of the box. Science On a Dome™ is a plug-n-play system!

The options for projected content are virtually endless, enabling great flexibility for both educational and entertainment uses - from planets, the Moon, the Sun, Deep-sea, Constellations and even custom shows. Fighter jet training and dome shows up to a 360-degree view!


The dome diameter starting from 1 foot and can get up to 30 foot sphere.

   Science On a Dome grid   Science On a Dome earth

Image: Science On a Dome™ projection on a 3 foot sphere. Photographed using a hand held simple camera.

It is possible to enhance the view into an immersive 3D experience, using the Emerald™ 3D planetarium projectors.


 Science On a Dome solar system

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* Science On a Dome™ offers up-to 360-degree F.O.V