Digital Planetarium Remote Control Units | EMERALD™ Planetariums

The EMERALD™ planetarium projection system ship with one of two different computer remote control units. Refer to the model specifications pages for information about the control unit model used in each system.


A. Keyboard-Dome Console (KDC)

Keyboard-Dome Console

An Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse Combo. The KDC designed to basic operation like a TV remote control, with a long range of more than 18-feet.

PRICE: The KDC is included in every EMERALD™ projection system, for no additional cost.


B. Remote-Dome Console (RDC)

An integrated solution for the planetarium system's control, using a intuitive and Gesture-Friendly User Touch-Interface.

Remote-Dome Console


The Remote-Dome Console (R-D-C) enables the user to control the system remotely, up to 50-feet from the control center and to operate the planetarium simulation software and full-dome planetarium shows from any place within the planetarium dome.

The RDC will enable the dedicated planetarian to operate the entire live show from any place within the dome or to keep track of the prerecorded show in any given moment, even from outside the dome!


The RDC-upgrade include a 10.1-inch screen, smart gesture-enabled touch-pad, High-definition IPS display and detachable keyboard.

This technology can be combined with the EMERALD™ 3D,4D and 5D digital fulldome theaters

remote dome console

 Image: remote controlling the Emerald™ planetarium's software using a touch-screen Console


The Remote-Dome-console upgrade is available as an option for any EMERALD™ digital planetarium system

PRICE: $3,950





Notice: we offer the Emerald planetariums via our U.S branch as well, which you can buy from directly.

EMERALD™-HD planetarium projectors have special properties that make them especially suitable for Educational astronomy uses & Immersive visualization environmentsThe unit was designed and built to enable a 'plug-and-play operation', while maximizing the ease of use. Images for Demonstration Purposes Only.

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* Images for demonstration purposes only.