Meditation & Yoga immersive environment | 3D-dome gaming solutions



Imagining having a planetarium room for your facility where a person can lay down and experience different scenes.

Portrays different scenes like thunder storm or sunshine with birds while listening to nature sounds.

You can even take a journey through the rain forest, simulate a beach walk or fly through the deep-space.



The EMERALD™ - Digital Fulldome projector is a fulldome immersive visualization system.

This unique system will enable you to explore new and different ways to meditate or to enjoy a full 360° gaming environment (with a compatible dome).


We also offer customized meditation and yoga audio-visual content. this dedicated content will than be projected on the dome for a full 360° immersive experience.

Meditation immersive environment dome solutions

We offer two main Yoga setups:

1. Portable - suitable for portable setups in different locations

2. Fixed - suitable for installation within a fixed room


   The size of the room will determine the type of projecter:

   STAR-HD up to 8 meter dome , GOLD-HD up to 10 meter dome, PRO-HD up to 18 meter dome




The EMERALD™ planetarium projection system offer an integrated computerized system, compatible for remote operation


Image: Fiber glass Hemispherical planetarium dome





The EMERALD™ planetarium projection system can be upgraded into a 3D and even 5D projection system!

This include 3D projection capability with moving and vibrating chairs, wind and even special smells.


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