Sound system for the Fixed Emerald planetarium projector

Powerful Sound system



Suitable for the EMERALD™-FIXED digital planetarium projector systems.

speakers fixed 1

speakers fixed 2





150-watts of high output, Class-D power
5.25" premium-quality, full-range neodymium driver
Frequency Response: 100Hz to 17.5kHz

Built-in mixer for superior sound quality with:
3-channel mixer with 3-band active EQ
2 high-headroom Mic/line preamps with 48V phantom power
Instrument-ready input (no DI required)
Dedicated stereo channel for keyboards, CD, MP3, iPods, etc.
Combo "line in" for linking or adding inputs
XLR "thru" with mic/line switch for linking more audio systems together or direct send to main PA
Complete system protection with built-in limiter
120 dB Maximum
Mic stand integration system for use with stand and boom
Tough, impact-resistant, polypropylene enclosure


Price: $480


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