Emerald™'s  innovation capabilities are one of our biggest strengths and source of pride

The EMERALD™ brand represents a unique combination of technical expertise and astronomy education. The brand is lead by the Bareket observatory, with extensive global educational & research experience of 25 years.

Using high-performance projectors combined with EMERALD's amazing optics, our systems produce seamless, sharp, and color-rich planetarium images with the easiest-to-use and most reliable operating system.




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Emerald™ planetariums also offers the revolutionary 

Live-Observatory-Planetarium Connection



Our complete remote robotic telescope systems, can 

send live deep space images - directly into the planetarium dome!



Our unique telescopic system serves institutions such as JPL, Berkeley, and NASA.







* Portable planetarium projectors: the Emerald™-LITE, a dedicated digital planetarium projection system

* Remote-Dome-Console (RDC): an intuitive and Gesture-Friendly User Interface. You can walk all around the dome while controlling the EMERALD™ computer's powerful features with the tip of your finger






* 'Science On a Dome™': enables the projection of images onto a globe and other spherical surfaces. Analogous to a giant animated globe






* Fixed planetarium domes: Fiber glass Hemispherical planetarium domes, up to 30Meters in diameter

* Tilted 3D dome solutions: we offer special systems for immersive gaming and flight/driving simulators, made out of very light materials so it can be hanged from virtually any surface and at any angle




We design and build the optical systems and CNC parts in our lab - for optimal results with each projector and dome.

These unique capabilities allow us to supply custom state-of-the-art projection solutions.







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