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Is an astronomical opt-mechanics company,  known primarily for its premium brand of specialty digital planetarium projection systems and planetarium domes. A devision of the Bareket observatory, an astronomical research and education center[1], which is well known in the astronomy community for its products and services.[2]




Digital planetarium projection systems

Emerald planetariums once manufactured a projector named the E-aleph. It had a custom fisheye fast lens, and had an adjustable diaphragm. Only a small number were made.
Today, Emerald's systems, which have reduced coma-and-chromatic aberration, are suitable for planetarium domes in diameters ranging from 3Meters to 30Meters. The portable system ("LITE" series) projectors are designed primarily for portable planetariums for educational uses. The system designed with aerospace engineering tools while the curriculum is based on the observatory's education experience[4] and serves as a digital fulldome projection system.

Controlling the system enabled via the Remote-Dome-Console (RDC): an intuitive and Gesture-Friendly User Interface.
Additionally, the Emerald's projection systems are well corrected for most aberrations, providing edge to edge pinpoint stars, and are suited to use in fulldome applications.




Emerald planetariums manufactures fixed and portable domes. They made their start with a variety of portable inflatable domes, purchased mainly by educational institutions. The introduction of the panoramic fixed domes soon made their mark. The Fabric-LITE semi sphere dome's screen increases effective contrast and visibility of certain details, especially in lightened environments. The most advanced Emerald dome is the Hemispherical-planetarium fiberglass line, which consists of complete planetarium structure for Digital Immersion Theaters and flight simulators.




Emerald planetariums also manufactures special computerized systems, lenses, special image enhancers, develops planetarium educational shows[3] and curriculum.






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