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The EMERALD™ unique and innovative products revolutionized the digital planetarium field and offer the most advanced technology currently available on the market. Creating Gigantic projections on a 360° dome surround the observers completely.


Our planetarium projection systems are designed and built with emphasis on education as well as entertainment usages, with a plug-n-play approach. The system is based on cutting edge technology and is made out of premium materials. Our systems can operate at resolutions up to 8K.


The EMERALD™ brand represents a unique combination of technical expertise and astronomy education.

The brand is lead by the Bareket observatory, with extensive global educational & research experience of 25 years.


 Image: a screen shot from the included software





Emerald™ planetariums, the creator of the Original LITE planetarium system, derives its name from the ancient word "Bareket", aptly referencing our skill & expertise in the zones of optical components, immerse systems, and cutting edge manufacturing.

Combining both function, unique education strategies and design, Emerald™ planetariums strives to create the latest technological products that epitomize form, utility, and style.







From a humble robotic-observatory-systems manufacturer, we have expanded our reach into a full range of Full-Dome Planetarium systems.

We are always listening to our user needs and always looking to improve ourselves and break into new realms of science and education.

From the Original LITE series that incorporates the functions of a professional fulldome planetarium, to the FIXED planetarium projection systems, we have stepped ahead of the game and created the perfect fit for industrial, entertainment and educational uses.

We are keeping the accelerator fully pressed on the R&D to bring more aerospace influences and expand our range of products for variety of users.







Emerald™ planetariums believes being at the forefront of innovation is the key to the future.

Our dedication to produce quality products is the backbone of our business model, and we work round-the-clock to ensure all our products are up to our rigorous standards.




















Using high-performance projectors combined with EMERALD's amazing optics, our systems produce seamless, sharp, and color-rich planetarium images with the easiest-to-use and most reliable operating system.


  •  Best usability: Remote-Console is an intuitive and friendly user interface. You can control the EMERALD™ computer's powerful features with the tip of your finger from any place within the dome.


  •  Quick learning: the EMERALD™ planetarium is a complete plug-n-play system.


  • Fast setup/takedown time: Using the EMERALD™ LITE ergonomic design & its super-fast computer, it takes up to 2 minutes to start running a planetarium show.


  •  Quality: Premium materials, including custom made CNC Aluminum parts and high-end coated (MgF2) custom lenses, active cooling system and Fanless computer.


Custom exempt - the Emerald line of products should be custom free in EU and US.

Check out our FAQs section!

planetarium projection2

Above image:  a real dome-capture from a 7M inflatable Planetarium dome, using a simple Smartphone

One can notice the brightness and crisp views of the EMERALD™ Star-LITE planetarium system








THE universe

in your hands





The EMERALD™ system is more than a planetarium - this digital immersive theater not only will be an invaluable resource for exploring the night sky, it will transform learning across disciplines



Classes in Neuroscience: can dive into renderings of brain scans. Biology students will be able to 'travel' through the human cells, geology classes could travel over maps and canyons while superimpose updated satellites information.

In the humanities and social sciences: students could tour ancient cities or visually display and manipulate large demographic data sets exploring the evolution of trends, such as immigration or housing prices.


Music: classes will be able to hear translated sound of visual space images (2).

Art students: can explore sculptures and buildings from different perspectives.


In astrophysics : a class could ‘fly’ through the Milky Way, learn about the spectral type of a given star and land on the Lunar surface or instructors could patch in data from space probes and project images from their landing sites on other planets or moons.

For archeo-astronomy: the sky could be reconfigured to match positions of the stars and planets at any point in history, to observe how sites like the Egyptian pyramids or Mayan temples were aligned with the stars and planets, at the time of their construction.



Prepare yourself for amazing digital cinema experiences -


with the EMERALD™ planetarium projectors.










The EMERALD™ planetarium projector brand is a unique product made by the Bareket observatory.

The Bareket observatory is dedicated to promoting the importance of science education and dark-sky preservation throughout our communities. That is why we partner with the IDA, AWB and outdoor initiatives around the world. With them, we’re committed to fostering intellectual curiosity in new generations of scientists, engineers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

the bareket observatory





We derive our inspiration from everyone in our community who is dedicated to growing the fields of science and astronomy. We continually seeks out partnerships with worthy causes like Astronomers Without Borders, HOU and the International Dark-Sky Association, who advocate astronomy education worldwide. We run many global astronomy-educational programs.


Movie: NASA & the Bareket observatory's Deep space voyage. made by the Bareket observatory's remote Internet Telescope


Movie: one of our live astronomical webcasts - comet C2009 P1 Garradd



Global astronomy programs:


Our global astronomy programs enable our customers to maintain global bonds with similar institutions from all over the world.


The Astro-EDU databse is full of (FREE!) great activities for teachers and educators who are interested in teaching astronomy in their classrooms.


The Bareket observatory has an extensive global educational & research experience of 25 years.


Read more about the Bareket observatory's global initiatives: 

Astro-EDU network | Internet research-remote telescope | Live astronomical webcasts





Why did the Bareket Observatory  create the EMERALD planetarium system?


We are an educational-astronomical observatory; our mission is to act as an educator’s resource for schools ant educational institutions.

The observatory is open to anyone who has an interest in the night sky and wishes to have fun learning about the universe in a scientific manner.

We conduct many astronomy courses and classes within the educational system. Our main objective is to light that "intuitive spark"

by presenting the universe in all its glory to those students that represent the next generation of researchers.


Emerald's goal is to enabling the students to enjoy Astronomy, without the need to invest hound-rends of thousands of dollars.

A complete planetarium system, consists of EMERALD™ digital planetarium projector equipped with a custom Fish-eye lenses, PC, sound system and Inflatable planetarium dome may cost at the $21k range!

Our team developed a custom planetarium system -- that is now available to all the interested. Feel free to contact the Bareket observatory's staff for additional information.






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