3D 4D 5D Planetarium projector - fulldome immersive environments

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The EMERALD™ planetarium digital systems can be upgraded into a 3D, 4D and even 5D projection system!

3-4-5D theaters

The most advanced 3D Theaters & immersive environments has been enhanced by the addition of special simulations;

The combination of 3D movies with chair movement (vibration, sway, tilt, drop, wave motion) and other chair effects such as wind blowing, water spraying, leg and back ticklers is usually considered a 4D experience.



Using additional hall effects such as smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles and special smells is often regarded by many as 5D.





The unique Emerald™ planetarium domes design - enable the operators to conduct immersive astronomical activities with ease. We offer on-site dome installations and custom solutions.

Our fiberglass domes are very attractive for science centers, immersive dome gaming solutions and 3D up to 5D simulators - as we provide a complete immersive environment solutions.

The premium package includes the Emerald™ fiberglass dome as well as the Emerald™ digital fulldome projection systemThe operation is as simple as it gets, with a plug-n-play approach, while using cutting edge technologies.


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